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Pastor Adedotun Ojelabi
March 27th 2011

APOSTOLIC DECLARATION: The moment God made room for Isaac, It became impossible for his adversaries to block his wells with sand.(Gen 26:16-22) I prophesy It shall be impossible for your adversaries to mitigate God's proof and evidence in y...our Life. I prophesy REHOBOTH with effect from now, your efforts shall no longer be wasted in JESUS Name. I prophesy Every well you dig throughout April 2011 and beyond, you shall discover gold, water, oil and honey IJN. I prophesy every advancement scheduled for you in the remaining months of 2011 shall no longer be hindered. I decree by the mandate of Jehovah you are unstoppable IJN. Your destiny can no longer be contained, therefore BREAK THROUGH TO BREAK FORTH. Receive all it takes in grace and power to manifest in your season.

  I have watched the videos of you on this site and how God has used you and it truly blesses me my sister. I would like to connect with you if Gods will to do more work for the LORD in ministry. God Bless you sister.
Co-Pastor Rhonda

I finally got chance to check out the press pac u sent me, OMG gurl u are so full of fire and anointed. I will be using you in 2011. One day I was feeling so??????, my daughter pop in your DVD and Lord knows u ministered to me, u spiritually motivated me.     Sandy Burbanks, CA

I heard you on Rejoice 880AM a few months ago.  I was the lady you described with the pink shirt on sitting on my couch.  I want you to know my life has not been the same since that day.  I know without a doubt, GOD is real!!  You touched my life and I didn't commit  suicide and I have no desire to.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Linda Nashville, TN

I have never experienced the presence of God like this!  Tonight was life changing for me.  I have the faith to go on and stand strong.   Thanks for that word  about Divine Release!

I came to the service tonight with the thoughts of suicide on my mind and as Empress was preaching she stopped and said, someone here has a suicide spirit and its coming out tonight.  She laid hands on me and as she prayed the power of GOD delivered me!  I am free today and forever grateful to GOD using his servant! Jessica, Nashville, TN

I watched a clipping of you on youtube and I felted the anointing so strong.  It took my back to my roots!  I am a backslider.  You're a young woman with an Old School anointing!  Please pray for me!

Empress I like the fact that your not impressed with titles, but I must say your a true Prophet of GOD!  I love you and God Bless You. 

Woman of God!  Got to get you to this city... We need that Fresh Fire Revival thats in your belly! 
Apostle R, Lancing MI