Empress Bolton is a Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Intercessor, Radio Talk Show Host, and Entrepreneur. A survivor of domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual perversion, rejection, and low self-esteem, God has endowed and anointed this woman of God for such a time as this. God uses her to usher his people to the next level of prophetic prayer and worship. She is known for her humbleness to submit to God in every task given. 

Empress is distinguished by her uncompromising boldness and cutting edge in your face truth in God's word, she is transparent and authentic.  Her powerful life-changing testimonies have you laughing out loud one minute and wiping tears the next!  She had the honor to be one of the keynote speakers on the steps of the State Capital in Jackson, MS. Empress has previously been a guest on The Word Network.  Her heart is geared toward pushing God's people to their purpose and destiny.  Empress has authored her first book entitled "The Process To Greatness".  When asked to encourage someone without hope and belief she humbly replies, "If You Can Think The Impossible Thoughts You Can Do The Impossible Things"